About Human Food Bar

In Search of a Food Bar Fit for a Human…

I started this site when, after enthusiastically embarking on Dr. Gundry’s Plant Paradox Diet, I struggled to stock my pantry with everything I needed, including important staples–like energy bars. Clif Bars were my favorite and would need to be replaced.

Most of Dr. Gundry’s recommendations for energy bars had ingredients I didn’t like and looked highly processed, and others were not available at Whole Foods. And, bars that looked nearly perfect at first often had a single ingredient with lectins (like cashews in certain Lara Bars or peanuts in Kind bars).

Sifting Through Hundreds of Protein Bars  

Naturally, I turned to the Internet to source things I couldn’t find locally, only to be confronted with a dizzying array of options. There were so many energy bars choices that I had a tough time figuring out which ones would be best for me. Despite Dr. Gundry’s “yes, please” list, I was missing some of the resources I needed. After scouring the web and finding what I consider to be the perfect bar, I was certain others would benefit from what I learned.

And so Human Food Bar was born. I hope you find the site helpful.

A Peculiar Passion for Protein Bar Reviews…

Sometimes passions find us rather than us finding them. I got so much positive feedback on my lectin-free protein bars comparison that I wanted to do more. I know that many of my readers are already interested in the Low-FODMAP diet and Ketogenic diet, so I created similar articles for keto bars and low-FODMAP protein bars.

High Time to Make My Own Bar!

In 2021 I set out to make an even better bar than what was already out there. My own nutrition bar (dubbed the Human Food Bar, of course!) is set to be released in the summer of 2022. Learn more.

How we Work

We employ a strict editorial policy that includes having our team of health experts medically review nutritional claims made by the brands we write about.

Securing Great Deals for You

One of my goals for this site is to secure great deals for my readers on products I know and love. My personal favorites include MariGold Bars, Perfect Keto, Apollo Olive Oil, Kettle and Fire, and Gundry MD.



If you have a product that you think would be a good fit, get in touch!

To good health,


P.S. Here’s the video that started it all.

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