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Editorial Policy

There’s no shortage of content on the Internet, but how much can you actually trust? Our stringent editorial policy ensures that you receive the best possible information to make informed decisions about your health.

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Editorial Guidlines

All of Human Food Bar’s content is original and created in-house, by us. We never outsource content creation and we don’t accept guest posts or sponsored content. Our editorial team is comprised of health experts. 

To meet our editorial standards, all articles we publish must adhere to the following:

  • Links go only to reputable sources
  • All statements must be backed up be scientific facts and data
  • Sources are cited in footnotes 
  • Affiliate relationships are disclosed
  • Dietary recommendations are reviewed by our nutritionists
  • Supplement recommendations are reviewed by both a medical doctor and pharmacist
  • All claims are fact checked, always 

Dietary Supplements Rating Methodology

When reviewing supplements, we evaliate claims they make, safety profiles, value for the money and brand transparency. 

Claims: Any claims made by products should be supported by clinical evidence, so we begin by looking at the data.

Safety: Product safety is paramount. We can’t vouch for the safety of the manufacturing practices of all the brands we write about, but we can look at ingredients and evaluate potential side effects. 

Value: Supplements don’t come cheap, and you are investing in your health with each purchase. We want you to be comfortable making a decision about whether or not the investment is worth it. When we evaluate value, we attempt to strike a balance between product effectiveness and price. 

Transparency: Lastly, we look at the transparency of the various brands we review. If a brand is not transparent and won’t commit to third-party testing and certifications, we make a note of it. 

5-star rating system

Here’s the methodology behind our rating system. 

  • 5 stars: claims are supported by clinical evidence, including 100% of ingredients, including at least one randomized clinical trial. Physical safety risks are minimal for everyone. Value is high. 
  • 4 stars: Most claims are supported by anecdotal evidence only (no scientific trials with humans). Physical safety risks are minimal in most healthy people. Value is moderately high.
  • 3 stars: 50% or less of the ingredients can be have compelling medical studies behind them to support claims. Certain sensitive individuals may experience minimal side effects. Supplement is expensive and the value is dubious. 
  • 2 stars: claims for most ingredients are based only on animal studies, with no clinical data. Significant side effects have been noted for select ingredients. Supplement is expensive and may not deliver on promises.
  • 1 star: No evidence available to support claims, with multiple ingredients known to cause side effects. Expensive. 

Independent testing bodies we recognize 

Independent supplement testing and reporting bodies that may increase trsust ratings in our reviews include NSF International, Consumer Lab, BSCG, and Clean Label Project.

Medical Disclaimer 

The information on Human Food Bar is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All articles, including text, graphics, and images, are meant for general information only.

The content on this site may be reviewed by health professionals, but it does not serve as a substitute for personalized medical advice.

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