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If you’re struggling to stay awake and focused at 3 pm, you’re not alone. As your body ages, it’s natural to feel lethargic and have less energy. Dr. Gundry, the developer of Energy Renew, says this is a sign your body is internally slowing down.

As a result, your experience tiredness, lack of focus, non-existent motivation, weight gain, and other negative health side effects. But, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck suffering from the afternoon blues.

In this article, I cover Gundry MD Energy Renew ingredients, health benefits, recipe ideas, user reviews, where to buy it, and how to save big via an exclusive discount offer you can’t find on Google.

So, let’s get started!

Nutritional Assessment

Gundry MD Energy Renew
Gundry MD Energy Renew
A safe and healthy energy supplement that provides lasting benefits without peaks and valleys
Science-backed claims
Safety of ingredients
Value for the money
Brand Transparency
Synergistic blend has multiple mechanisms of action
Premium ingredients sourced from U.S. manufacturers
Safer than caffeine and other stimulants
Sustained energy without peaks and valleys
Trusted brand with hundreds of positive reviews
Pricey (avoid full retail prices)
Some ingredients not supported by clinical trials

Health and Safe Energy Booster

Imagine feeling alert, full of energy, and motivated to knock out your entire to-do list in a day. Your focus and motivation levels are at an all-time high and you no longer feel the need to take an afternoon snooze.

If that sounds like a dream come true, you’re in the right place.

Dr. Gundry believes everyone deserves to feel energized throughout the day regardless of their age. He also understands the difficulty of finding an easy way to give your body essential vitamins and minerals.

Which… is why he created Energy Renew, a long-lasting (and safe) energy supplement filled with great flavor and necessary nutrients your body needs to boost energy levels, focus, and your mood.

Where to Buy Energy Renew

Each jar of Energy Renew contains 30 servings. So, buying one jar on the main Gundry MD site costs you $2.50 per serving. Compared to other powder energy supplements (which are inferior), this price may come as a shock.

I have good news! Buying through the Wellness Ambassador’s website reduces this cost down to $1.67 per serving when you buy one jar. That’s 40% off.

So, stop paying full retail on sites like Amazon and the main Gundry MD site and take advantage of this exclusive ambassador’s discount.

And as always, you’re covered by an ironclad money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t work for you, send the rest back within 90 days. You’ll get a full refund (or exchange) with no questions asked.


Health and Productivity Benefits

As you get older, it’s natural for your energy levels to decrease over time.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for afternoon naps (unless that’s your thing) or a lack of focus throughout the day. The ingredients above combine together to form a safe, healthy, and long-lasting energy supplement that:

  • Supports clear, focused thinking
  • Helps you stay awake throughout the day
  • Improves your productivity levels by helping you get more done
  • Aids in recovery from exhausting activities that normally leave your body tired
  • Supports your body’s defense against free radicals


While most users experience an energy boost after their first use, individual results may vary.

How to Take Gundry MD Energy Renew

Energy Renew’s directions say to mix one scoop (7g) of powder into 8 fl. oz. of water and combine until the powder dissolves. After that, the only thing left is to enjoy it!

But, that’s not the only way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of Energy Renew. After reading through hundreds of online reviews, I found numerous additional ingredients you can add to give your morning drink an extra boost of flavor (and nutrients).

So, next time you’re pining for a boost of energy, consider:

  • Adding ice to turn it into a flavorful, energizing smoothie
  • Combining it with fresh lectin-free fruits and ice for a fruity, delicious power-smoothie
  • Mixing in other lectin-free superfoods to create a unique breakfast energy drink


As Dr. Gundry himself says (via this Facebook post), “Bounce back and recover faster with Energy Renew. Let our tangy passion fruit flavored supplement help your body feel revitalized.”

A jar of Energy Renew sitting on a table next to a glass of pink liquid

Energized Customers Share Reviews

After scouring through countless user reviews, I noticed a recurring theme. Almost every user reported an increase in energy levels after the first use. Many also mention an improvement in digestion and mood, as well.

Take a look at what these energized customers have to say:
Energy Renew user review - Energy Renew from now on

*Results may vary

“I am really happy with Energy Renew! It helps me feel like I have more clean energy each day. I think it is also giving me a more positive attitude throughout the day. (Maybe that is because I just feel good when I take Energy Renew). It’s a great product! Thank you so much Dr. Gundry! I am so grateful for all your help to live a healthy and happy life. December 1st of this year I will be 73 years young!” – Stephanie W. (November 13, 2019)

Five-star Energy Renew user review

*Results may vary

“After just a few days of drinking a glass a day, I can say I have energy at work that replaces the coffee and energy drinks I have stopped drinking altogether. I appreciate getting my hands on a drink with the superfood Mangosteen in it. I am 62 and have relied on caffeine far too long to get me through the day. My heart does not race and I feel focused at work too. I cannot wait to see further results as I continue using this product.” – Sharon Busch (February 3, 2019)

*Results may vary


Boost Your Productivity and Energy

As you can see, Gundry MD Energy Renew’s revolutionary formula is a delicious way to increase your energy levels while giving your body the nutrients it needs for pique performance throughout the day.

It’s time to get more done, re-energize your body, and sleep better at night!

Lastly, don’t forget: you can buy Energy Renew using our Wellness Ambassador’s link for an exclusive discount of up to 33% off your next (or first) purchase!


What is the best energy supplement for people over 50?

Gundry MD Energy Renew has hundreds of five-star reviews, many of which are left by users over 50. Its 100% natural and safe formula packs a powerful punch of long-lasting energy throughout the day and may help preserve your digestive system as well.

How much does Energy Renew cost and where can I get it?

By far the best place to buy is the Gundry Wellness Ambassadors website, which is hidden unless you have the special links above. Using this link allows you to save up to 33% off any time of year. If you have a promo code you can apply that as well. So, be sure to avoid Amazon and the main Gundry MD site, unless you enjoy paying full retail. Note: you can’t find the Gundry Wellness Ambassadors site on Google.

Are there voucher, promo or coupon codes available?

There are occasional Flash Sales that offer up to an additional 25% off. Furthermore, you can use the special discounts available through the links above to get up to 33% off any time of year. Additionally, if you have a discount code, you can apply it to save even more.

Who should Use Energy Renew?

Gundry MD Energy Renew is formulated specifically for people over 50. But, it’s an excellent source of safe and long-lasting energy throughout the day regardless of your age (after consulting with your physician, of course).

Is Energy Renew safe for everyday use?

Yes! Energy Renew is made using 100% natural and safe ingredients and is safe to use every day. However, you should always consult with your physician before trying a new supplement.

What’s the best way to take Energy Renew?

The directions say to mix one scoop (7g) of powder with 8 fl.oz. of water and combine until the powder dissolves. You can also add it to a fruit smoothie or shake for an energizing and flavorful boost of long-lasting energy.

Does Gundry MD Energy Renew work?

Hundreds of happy customers rave about the energy-boosting properties of Energy Renew. With a powerful lineup of super ingredients, it’s known for long-lasting mood, energy, and focus improvement. But, if it doesn’t work or you’re unhappy with the results, your purchase is backed by an ironclad money-back guarantee.

Use our Wellness Ambassadors link to save up to 33%.

Beet root extract

Hibiscus root extract

Citric acid

Calcium silicate

Natural flavor

Silicon dioxide

Stevia rebaudioside



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Remy is the founder of Human Food Bar. A health and wellness enthusiast based in Berkeley, California with a deep interest in dietary nutrition, he's well versed in the Plant Paradox, Keto, Paleo and Vegan diets. He has a borderline obsession with nutrition bars that eventually gave birth to the Human Food Bar. In his free time he likes to blog, cook, mixologize, garden and mountain bike.

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