Popped Superfood Crips Review

Save 20% on Dr. Gundry's ultimate healthy snack

Popped Superfood Crips Review

Save 20% on Dr. Gundry ultimate healthy snack

Groundbreaking superfood snack

Rating: ★★★★★
? Average savings: $7-$20
? Coupons available: Yes, Use Direct Links
⏰ Last updated: Jan 1st, 2021

Unless you have the luxury of being able to cook every single day, getting enough superfoods in your diet is hard.

Getting enough prebiotic fiber is hard too, and hardest of all is getting enough resistant starch.

Because unless you’re living a hunter gatherer lifestyle, these just aren’t naturally occurring in our diets in large amounts.

Fear not: In Gundry MD Popped Superfood Crisps give you a quick and easy way to get more of all three without spending hours in the kitchen, and without breaking the bank on expensive supplements.

And you’re going to love every bite.

First look: Gundry MD Superfood Crisps

As a Wellness Ambassador for Gundry MD I get early access to new products, and I just got my hand on the new Popped Superfood Crisps.

Watch my video review (2 minutes long) to see me get hands on, including proof that that they’re crispy enough to live up to their name!

Otherwise, you’ll find the details on these tasty treat further below, including where to buy them and how to save.

Full Review

Get them on the Wellness Ambassadors website in Sea Salt or Cheddar.

Now, if you’re like me, you gave up chips and similar processed foods because they had lectins, carbs, preservatives, etc.

Gundry MD Popped Superfood Crisps are going to give you a way to bring back crispy, salty and savory, while actually feeling good about the food you’re eating.

You can and should finish the bag!

Healthy ingredients

Let’s start by looking at the stellar ingredients in this healthy snack:

Tapioca starch, which contains prebiotic fiber
Green banana flour, which has hard-to-find resistant starch
Avocado oil, loaded with healthy fats
Lentein, a new superfood plant protein made from water lentils, which has an an amino acid profile similar to whey protein (no, they don’t have lectins!)
Whole cell fermented algae, gives you all the health benefits of algae, as well as probiotics, because it is fermented

Look, taste and texture

Popped Superfood Crisps, are very, very green (that’s the algae and water lentils). They’re satisfyingly crispy with great texture, and savory with every bite.

Gina Hill (@lectinfreecreations) did a terrific photoshoot. True to form she’s also getting very creative!

Gundry MD popped superfood crisps appetizer

Health benefits

According to Gundry MD, this delicious and healthy snack can improve energy, cut cravings and even help you stay slim and trim. With all ingredients being superfoods, this seems plausible.

Since they’re loaded with prebiotic fiber and resistant starch, you’ll enjoy increased microbial diversity, which has broad health benefits.

Did you know that prebiotic fiber is Dr. Gundry’s #1 superfood? Resistant starch is a close second.

Personally, I want my healthy “gut buddies” to be as diverse and plentiful as possible, and since they feed on prebiotic fiber and resistant starch, I try to consume as much as possible.

I think these Superfood Crisps are going to become a staple for me. The resistant starch and the easy access to prebiotic fiber alone is enough to sell me. Everything else is a huge bonus.

Where to buy it (and how to save)

Superfood Crisps are extremely affordable. I think they’re inexpensive though to enjoy every day, especially when you get them on the Wellness Ambassadors website where they’re 20% off.

They come in two flavors, cheddar and sea salt. Here are the direct links.

==> Shop Cheddar 
==> Shop Sea Salt 

***Community Bulletin, Jan 1, 2021***

Everyone wants to be as healthy as possible right now and people are stocking up on goods, and some Gundry MD products are periodically selling out. If there’s something you’re interested in, get it fast while supplies last. You might even want to stock up. You’ll get price cuts if you buy in bulk.



Get it on the Wellness Ambassadors website to save 20% or more.


Tapioca fiber (Yucca root)

Water lentils (AKA duckweed)

Green banana flour

Avocado oil

Fermented algae

Get them on the Wellness Ambassadors website while supplies last.

==> Shop Cheddar 
==> Shop Sea Salt 

Remy Tennant

Remy Tennant

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