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55 recipes, 36 meals, the Food Pyramid, and Dr. Gundry's complete yes/no list

Dr. Gundry’s best selling book, The Plant Paradox, is a rich guide to living a lectin free lifestyle in order to feel your best. His program includes two accompanying PDF file downloads to make the diet easier. Here are two free Plant Paradox PDF downloads that you can easily print out. They include recipes from his cookbook.

The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy: 55 recipes, 36 meals, the Food Pyramid, and Dr. Gundry’s complete yes/no list. This is 132 pages of goodness.

Plant Paradox PDF download






The Plant Paradox Yes/No List: 7 pages, just the foods lists

Plant Paradox Foods Yes:No Lists







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What's inside the Plant Paradox Quick and Easy PDF?

The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy pdf contains every single recipe and meal plan in Dr. Gundry's book, as well as his yes/no lists and food pyramid. This is a good accompaniment to the book, especially if you want to print things out.

What's inside Dr. Gundry's yes/no list PDF?

This one contains 7 pages of foods you can and cannot eat, by category, including fruits, vegetables, grains, starches, proteins, meats, dairy and more. Some of the information is redundant with the first PDF, but the presentation may be better for you.

Should I download and print both lists?

You don't want to waste paper by printing our redundant information. Start with the longer document if you think you need it all. If you really only want the yes/no food list, start there. If it's truly the recipes and meals you're after, don't miss the digital version with photos that's linked above.

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